The Late Night Salon has closed its doors.
After many years of continuous growth, both as a creative agency and the work it has been involved in, it feels like a great time to push on, dimming the lights down on Le Salon and igniting some fresh new opportunities and direction.

We can proudly say we will be ending on a high. In many ways, The Late Night Salon was in its prime. We have achieved so much and have a great deal to be proud of. But on a personal level for its two partners, Toria Jaymes and Ross Popejoy, it was time to pursue individual avenues in the industry.

The sun has set for one final time on the Salon doors on 27th June 2014.
And so, whats next?
Come and see...

lns sun


Creative Director / Lead Designer

Toria goes on to open her new creative studio, Stay Outside, based in the artistic underworld of "The Wick", East London. Producing work that focuses on effective visual communication, strong user experiences and brand impact. Spanning graphic design, illustration, branding, web/mobile and animation, crossing both digital and print realms.

Ultimately, Stay Outside is a studio set on a course to pursue the communicative power of design, its place in the world and just how far it can go. Setting sail as a multidisciplinary studio, driven by the maps of experience and the route of passion; carrying with it, an innate desire to venture where others have dared not to go.

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Account Director

Once upon a time there was a boy who grew all of his ideas in his beard, some thought that a little weird, so the boy moved to the land of Shoreditch where he knew he would be accepted and his creativity (and his beard) would be able to flourish.

After 7 magical years with the wonderful Gloria Flaymes at The Late Night Salon it was time for a new adventure and as all good stories end with a Happy Ending this one is no exception, with the boy going on to create an agency with creativity at its heart and mind (and of course beard), we hope to be telling stories with happy endings for many years to come. Come and check out what we're up to.

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